Update to In-Person Mask Policy

Dear Church Community,
The Safe Re-Entry Team met on Tuesday, August 24th to re-evaluated the current COVID situation and determine what is best for the safety of all that Worship in our Church and use our church for various programs/meetings. After taking into account the spike in numbers, the new guidance from CDC and New England Conference we have set new protocols for our entire Church Community. These decisions are not easy and are made as an entire committee by following Jesus words to be kind and compassionate to one another and to think of others above ourselves. We, as a group, want the safety and health of all that use our Church to be our most important when making our decisions.

New COVID Guidelines:
Masks required by everyone, regardless of vaccination status, at all times when in the Church
Masks to be worn appropriately by covering both nose and mouth at all times
All Programs, All Meeting, All Individuals attending our Church Worship Services or utilizing our Church space will follow the Mask mandate
No Food or Drink will be prepared or brought in for sharing
Individuals may bring in and use water/coffee for their own consumption by quickly lifting mask to consume and cover mouth again as quickly as possible
Social Distancing remains and socializing should be done outside rather than within the building
Refrain from shaking hands and hugging
Hymnals and Bibles will be available beginning in September
Sunday School Rally will take place outside on Sept 12th
Sunday School Program will begin September 19th
Outside weather permitted
Social distancing within classrooms
Windows will remain open and fans running for efficient ventilation for as long as weather allows
Appropriate sanitizing will remain in effect
These guidelines are applicable at all times for everyone when inside our Church and regardless of where you are in the church; these guidelines will remain in effect until the SRT sets new or updated guidance.
We pray that with the cooperation of everyone and us all working together as a team we will help to lower risk and keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.
We shall follow GOD’s word of caring for others. being kind and compassionate and to think of others first as he has done for us.

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