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Buried Treasure



God’s kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field for years and then accidentally found by a trespasser. The finder is ecstatic—what a find! —and proceeds to sell everything he owns to raise money and buy that field.  – Matthew 13:44, The Message

I’ve always wondered if the original owner of that field knew its true value.  Perhaps he or she did, and that’s why the finder had to sell everything, in order to purchase it.

I feel a little like that trespasser.  Since mid-January, when we learned that I would be your next pastor, effective July 1st, I’ve become more aware of the Hampton United Methodist Church “field.”  And I’ve found a treasure!  Actually, lots of treasures!

On January 14th, I met with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee.  The appointment process was moving at lightning speed, but they quickly adjusted, and we had a delightful conversation together.

Since then, I’ve been introduced me to a couple of local establishments:  the Galley Hatch and Old Salt.  In the process, I got to spend some time with several church members.

I joined our Worship Committee for a meeting on May 18th.  Thank you for all the information you provided about your worship services.  (Oh!  Now I can say OUR worship services. 😊)

Next, I was invited to join the UMW’s May meeting.  I was impressed by the speaker, the large turnout, the efficiency of the business meeting, the delicious dessert, and the creativity and good humor throughout the evening.

I invited Hampton United Methodist Church’s Lay Member to Annual Conference to join me at the St. John’s UMC table at Annual Conference in June, and we all had a good time together, worshiping, listening, voting, and talking.

My husband and I were so grateful when a whole lot of you helped us load a U-Haul truck—and unload—with my 5 bookcases and 34 boxes of books!  We made quick work of it, and then celebrated with some delicious sandwiches.

So, you see, I’ve already found lots & lots of treasures at Hampton UMC!  And we’re just getting started!  I’m eager to meet more of you.

To that end, we are setting up some opportunities for me to meet with you in groups of up to 10–so that we all get to discover and re-discover the treasures in our midst.  I will ask the same questions at each gathering, and then listen closely to your responses.  One of my questions will be:  What do you treasure about Hampton UMC?

Given the challenges that come with Covid, I’m hoping these one-hour gathering will happen during this summer and fall, so that we can meet outside.  If you’d be willing to host us at your house, perhaps providing some iced tea or water, please the church at  If you don’t have the space but would be willing to host a group of us at the church, please let us know that, too.  If you would prefer to meet via zoom, I’m sure we can make that happen, too.

Some treasures are quickly spotted.  Others may require a little digging.  I’m looking forward to going on this treasure hunt with you!



Pastor Sue