Taming Technology


Hampton United Methodist Church Presents

Taming Technology:  A Practical Guide to Effective Digital-Parenting

Are you are worried about the amount of time that you, your partner, or your child is spending glued to screens? Does your child experience anxiety or irritability when ending an online game? Do you constantly check your emails or social media accounts and feel less connected in your relationships? If you can relate to these experiences, you or your loved ones might be suffering from Technology Addiction. Just like the substance-based addictions, Technology Addiction enslaves our brain’s reward circuitry and can lead to long-term neurological, social, and psychological problems.

This event is freely offered by the people of the Hampton United Methodist Church and the public is warmly invited on:

Tuesday, November 12, 6:30-8:30 pm

At the Hampton United Methodist Church

525 Lafayette Road, Hampton, NH

This workshop will focus on helping families become informed & mindful technology users by:

  • Explore why Behavioral Addictions develop, their effects on the brain and risk factors for developing Technology Addiction.
  • Identify the symptoms associated with Technology Addiction & discuss the available treatment options.
  • Explore evidence-based & age-appropriate communication strategies so families can engage in meaningful and productive conversations about their technology use.
  • Provide families with behavioral and technological tools and strategies to minimize the harmful effects of technology.
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes for a productive Q&A session.

 About the presenter: Oz Akbas is a psychotherapist in Dover, NH who specializes in the treatment of trauma (EMDR), OCD (ERP), anxiety, depression, and technology and pornography addiction. He has been in the field of mental health for over 14 years and offers workshops designed to translate the research findings on Technology Addiction, Neuropsychology and Mindfulness into principles that can be practically applied by all who seek healing and growth.

Contact:  Oz Akbas at OZAKBASLMFT@GMAIL.COM / 603-932-6473